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Infinity offers flight operations and information analytics for engineering, environmental management, infrastructure, events, agriculture and real estate.
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Specialists in aerial photography, videography and mapping

We're a licensed and legal drone operator, holding an Air Service Licence from the Department of Transport and an RPAS Operator's Certificate (ROC) from the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

In addition to drone-based photography and video, we offer value-added services including GIS, environmental and infrastructure mapping.
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Infinity Aerial remains available to assist essential service providers with drone operations during the lockdown. Contact us to find out more.

Please visit https://sacoronavirus.co.za/ for official updates and information on COVID-19.


what we do

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Drone-based sensors allow us to provide you with on-demand, real-time visual and three-dimensional mapping of structures, properties, and infrastructure.
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Photography and inspection

High definition aerial photography is essential for real estate,  engineering, and marketing. Need a unique perspective or a view of inaccessible parts of a structure? Use a drone-based camera system.
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With over 10 years in the development industry , we know how useful drone technology can be on a project: from engineering surveys to progress and completion photography.

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Environment and Conservation

Drone-based photography and mapping can make environmental surveys and assessments more reliable and efficient. Use our systems to map wetlands, count animals, or survey vegetation.
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Infinity Environmental is Infinity Aerial's sister company, offering a range of empowered environmental management and monitoring solutions. Visit www.infinityenv.co.za to find out more.
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