Expert drone services

in conservation and environmental management

Conservation and environmental services

Infinity Aerial is owned and operated by environmental scientists with a passion for sustainable development and conservation.

We can offer specialised drone services to the environmental management and biodiversity sector, including:

  • High-resolution aerial imagery
  • Multi-spectral vegetation mapping
  • Invasive species density and distribution mapping
  • Terrain and slope modelling
  • GIS and data analysis

Why use us?

Infinity Aerial is a certified and legal drone operator, holding an Air Service Licence from the Department of Transport and an RPAS Operator's Certificate (ROC) from the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

Our client-focused service is quick, effective, and gets the job done.

We can provide a range of value-added services including GIS, vegetation and watercourse mapping, as well as drone technology.

Examples and use cases

Habitat and vegetation mapping

Based on high-resolution and three-dimensional drone imagery, we can assist with mapping of habitats, vegetation and watercourses.

invasive species surveys

Map the distribution and density of alien invasive vegetation on large or complex sites with ease using drone imagery and footage.

Monitor and manage conservation areas

Use drone imagery to monitor vegetation change and carrying capacity, count game, map fencelines, and assist in managing wildfire.

Precision agriculture

Harness drone imagery to measure crop health, plant stress, and target your irrigation and inputs for more efficient agriculture.

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