in aerial mapping and survey

Drone-based mapping

Drone-based sensors allow us to provide you with on-demand, real-time visual and three-dimensional mapping of structures, properties, and infrastructure.

Infinity Aerial can assist with:

  • Geo-referenced orthoimagery
  • Photogrammetry (measurement) in 2D or 3D
  • 3D models of structures
  • GIS and mapping products based on digitised features from orthophotographs

Why use us?

Infinity Aerial is a certified and legal drone operator, holding an Air Service Licence from the Department of Transport and an RPAS Operator's Certificate (ROC) from the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

Our client-focused service is quick, effective, and gets the job done.

We can provide a range of value-added services and are experts in GIS, environmental, and infrastructure mapping as well as drone technology.

Examples and use cases

High-resolution ortho-imagery

Capture high-resolution georeferenced aerial photographs and 3D terrain, as and when you need them.

Three-dimensional mapping and models

Drone imagery can be processed to create high-quality three-dimensional terrain or surface models (DSM or DTM).



A managed ecological burn in this nature reserve has helped to reduce alien invasion and will stimulate recovery of indigenous vegetation.

Monitor change

Repeated high-definition georeferenced imagery can allow for precise monitoring of environmental change and seasonal variation.

Create GIS or CAD-based maps

High-definition georeferenced photos and our expertise in geographic information systems allow us to create GIS or CAD-based maps of infrastructure or natural systems using up-to-date drone imagery.

How does it work?

1. Planning

First, a route which provides efficient coverage of the area of interest is planned using specialised software.

2. Flight

Next, the flight operation is planned and executed. Any required approvals and permits are obtained, and Infinity's licensed personnel expertly pilot a drone to capture imagery as planned.


Up to several hundred images are captured from a fixed altitude, each accurately geo-located using the onboard GPS.


The images are then analysed and processed using specialised software to stitch and overlay adjacent images.

5. Orthophoto

The stitched imagery can now be loaded in Google Earth or any GIS or CAD software.


Level of detail

Unique solutions

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